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Sustainability is here!!!

I am now going to address you all as my Sustainability Partners from here on out. Sustainability Partners- I hope the fast approaching spring finds you all well.  The early warm temperatures give rise to my fears that we may have another summer like the last.  Remember the 60+ days of 100+ degrees, or have […]

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Sustainability is coming to OKC… 2012!!!

What exactly do I mean by sustainability? Well, at ULAG, we define sustainability as impacting the environment as little as possible. How are we going to do that in 2012? We are introducing our hybridized rig with all electric equipment, powered by the sun. Yes, that’s right we are pulling our equipment around town with […]

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The Truth… about 2012!

The truth is that what we are starting in 2012 has already been done… by us! Yes folks, that’s right. Five years ago I started an eco-friendly lawn company as my summer job between school years. Yes, I am an eighth grade U.S. History teacher in my 6th year. I was ready to start an eco-friendly lawn […]

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