The Truth… about 2012!

The truth is that what we are starting in 2012 has already been done… by us! Yes folks, that’s right. Five years ago I started an eco-friendly lawn company as my summer job between school years. Yes, I am an eighth grade U.S. History teacher in my 6th year. I was ready to start an eco-friendly lawn service, but had little experience with running a business despite mowing lawns since I was 14. You see, when I dream, I dream big. Since then I have earned an MBA from Oklahoma Christian University, where I believe I gained valuable knowledge about running/growing a profitable business with integrity.

Thus my new venture Urban Lawn and Garden starts its second season in the spring of 2012. To ULAG (Urban Lawn and Garden), words such as, eco-friendly, green, organic, and sustainable are essential to building a better tomorrow. We believe the more we learn to redistribute the stuff we use the better off we will all be. We believe we are pushing the envelope by caring for lawns in the most sustainably available ways. For example, we fertilize our lawns with Compost Extract that is made from natural processes, that eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers. Our Compost Extract builds the soil naturally and promotes a sustainable life cycle for your lawn or garden.

Stay tuned…  for more ways we are BRINGING SUSTAINABILITY TO THE CITY!!!

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