Sustainability is coming to OKC… 2012!!!

What exactly do I mean by sustainability? Well, at ULAG, we define sustainability as impacting the environment as little as possible. How are we going to do that in 2012? We are introducing our hybridized rig with all electric equipment, powered by the sun.

Yes, that’s right we are pulling our equipment around town with our Prius to eliminate as much fuel consumption as possible. Then, we are mowing with all electric equipment that further reduces our fuel consumption. And finally, we are offsetting our fossil-fueled electricity consumption of our equipment with our solar panels!!!

Spread the word!!! Urban Lawn and Garden is “Bringing Sustainability to the City!”

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One Response to “Sustainability is coming to OKC… 2012!!!”

  1. Kate January 14, 2012 at 9:33 pm #

    Yeah!!!! Love the solar panels!!!!!

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