Sustainable Lawn Care

We’re big into sustainable lawn care here at ULAG. We have a few simple beliefs that drive how we do business. We provide exactly what you need and we limit our environmental impact.

Besides having  an all electric option, we also do a couple things that might seem a bit odd.

First, we don’t bag. We use mulching mowers so bagging isn’t necessary and the benefits of this are three-fold. 1) Each mowing reseeds your lawn; 2) The grass clippings feed your lawn; and 3) No unnecessary plastic bags are used and placed in landfills. (Not to mention we prefer not to haul tons of clippings in our work Prius!)

Second, we cut it high. Since we’re not using chemicals to fight weeds, we have to keep the grass about 1 1/2 to 2 inches tall. This is a bit uncommon in Oklahoma and will feel odd at first, but we promise that it will help give the grass a leg up on the weeds and will keep your water bill slim.


Service Pricing
Scalping* Double Regular Service Price
Electric Mowing* (Weekly Service Only) Depends on Lawn Size starts at $25
Gas Mowing* (Weekly or Biweekly Only, not twice a month.) Depends on Lawn Size starts at $30
 Soil Aeration $200 (includes raking up plugs)
Over-Seeding Depends on Lawn Size starts at $50

*We can bag leaves, but cannot haul them off.

Contact us to get started! or call us at 405-237-ULAG (8524).