Sustainability is here!!!

I am now going to address you all as my Sustainability Partners from here on out. Sustainability Partners- I hope the fast approaching spring finds you all well.  The early warm temperatures give rise to my fears that we may have another summer like the last.  Remember the 60+ days of 100+ degrees, or have […]

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Sustainability is coming to OKC… 2012!!!

What exactly do I mean by sustainability? Well, at ULAG, we define sustainability as impacting the environment as little as possible. How are we going to do that in 2012? We are introducing our hybridized rig with all electric equipment, powered by the sun. Yes, that’s right we are pulling our equipment around town with […]

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The Truth… about 2012!

The truth is that what we are starting in 2012 has already been done… by us! Yes folks, that’s right. Five years ago I started an eco-friendly lawn company as my summer job between school years. Yes, I am an eighth grade U.S. History teacher in my 6th year. I was ready to start an eco-friendly lawn […]

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Compost Tea vs. Compost Extract

I mailed out some flyers to my clients this week introducing our new product. Compost Extract is what we will now be spraying, whereas we were spraying Compost Tea previously. Both products are derivatives of Compost (broken down organic matter). Compost Tea is very labor intensive and has about a 24 hour shelf life which […]

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Sustainable Lawn Care Pt. 3 (Watering)

I get lots of questions about watering and watering schedules. My seemingly dubious answer is, “it depends.” It depends on the type of grass and, in our recent 100 degree streak, it depends on the weather among other things. First, realize what we are experiencing is extreme even for Oklahoma. The heat has been so […]

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Sustainable Lawn Care Pt. 2 (Weed Control)

Everyone wants to know how to treat weeds organically. Well, there are a few things you can do to minimize weeds, but we first need to understand the role weeds play in our yard. Weeds are simply unwanted plants in our lawn that stick out, literally in most cases. Weeds can be an indication of […]

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Sustainable Lawn Care Pt. 1 (Healthy Soil)

Having healthy soil means there is a living ecosystem beneath your plants.  There is as much life below the soil as there is above it. A lack of any of these micro-organisms means an imbalance in the ecosystem. Urban Lawn and Garden specializes in spraying Compost Tea, which is a solution made of primarily bacteria […]

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In the Beginning…

Well, let me first thank my friend Levi for setting up, designing, and guiding me in this new direction. The website and community look great thanks to him. Previously, Urban Lawn and Garden sent out an e-newsletter to subscribers, but now I hope to create a much more responsive and informative interaction with you, our […]

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ULAG Community Blog

Urban Lawn and Garden Community is LIVE!

Urban Lawn and Garden is proud to announce its new Community! The Community has one simple mission: connect people who care about sustainable living to resources. There is so much to know aboutgoing green, but our goal is to make getting a green lawn while going green easy. We think you’ll like it. Here’s the […]

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