Sustainable Lawn Care Pt. 1 (Healthy Soil)

As much life within the soil as above it.

Having healthy soil means there is a living ecosystem beneath your plants.  There is as much life below the soil as there is above it. A lack of any of these micro-organisms means an imbalance in the ecosystem. Urban Lawn and Garden specializes in spraying Compost Tea, which is a solution made of primarily bacteria and fungi with some evidence of nematodes and protozoa. By increasing the amount of food on the bottom of the food chain, the rest will follow. As you move up the food chain, species increase in size and relationship with the plants.

The more of these organisms that have a healthy relationship with the plant, the healthier the plants. The benefits of healthy soil is good for all plants, including “weeds.”  More to come on how to weed out the weeds. (pun intended)

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3 Responses to “Sustainable Lawn Care Pt. 1 (Healthy Soil)”

  1. Glynnis Gangwer July 16, 2011 at 1:25 pm #

    Love your new website/community! I have started mulching my yard and, of course, have already started the compost tea. I’m looking forward to continuing my path to a chemical free yard with urban lawn and garden. Thanks for you help!!

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