About Us


As a father to a now three-year-old and 8 month old, and husband to a dietitian, I am proud that Urban Lawn and Garden still offers services that are “100% organic” and “green.” I believe in being a steward of the planet and in living an active, healthy lifestyle. Another year has past since retiring from teaching to pursue Lawns and Gardens full-time. Urban Lawn and Garden continues to control weeds responsibly. Although, these are non-organic we believe we can minimize their impact by applying these in conjunction with our organic options. We practice sustainability by using nature’s processes to grow, maintain, and fertilize your lawn and garden. Urban Lawn and Garden customers can rest assured that we are providing the most environmentally friendly services possible.

Last year was a blast and tremendous learning curve for Urban. We have learned that our equipment is not suited for bi-weekly service, so our lawn maintenance has become a hybrid if you will, much like our vehicle we use gas and electric. All of the gas equipment is new, which means minimal environmental impact as the EPA strongly regulates new lawn equipment. Our Solar lawn care is still available, but only for weekly service by request.

I have learned more about grass since getting licensed to spray for weeds. I have taken this new knowledge and applied it to our new Seasonal Lawn Fertilizer Plans. As always, we offer a 100% Organic approach to lawn fertilizer, but have added traditional weed killer and chemical fertilizer to the mix. And we have also added a Hybrid version to get weed control with organic fertilizer to maximize lawn appearance while maintaining environmental integrity. Urban Lawn and Garden is still OKC’s only full-service, eco-friendly lawn care provider. Our services include mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing off drive/walkways. Our Prius continues to turn heads driving down the road pulling our trailer.  As always, we are still providing raised garden beds to our customers, but the standard is now a 4ft by 8ft bed. We no longer offer plantings, but will ready your garden for you to buy and plant what’s best for your family.

Thanks to all our customers for believing in us!

Willie Collins



Urban Lawn and Garden was born out of the demand for fresh “organic” vegetables and the use of “Victory Gardens” during both World Wars. During the wars, the world’s food supply was in shortage due to the fact that most of the labor was off fighting. Therefore, the U.S. and many other countries asked citizens to build gardens in their yards to counteract the shortage. Urban Lawn and Garden believes the “Backyard Garden” could be the solution for those who desire fresh “organic” vegetables at a reasonable price.


Our goal at Urban Lawn and Garden is to provide lawn maintenance and vegetable garden services in the most sustainable way possible.